That Night on the Bayou

The novel is about a cast of characters in tiny Cypress, Louisiana, and how they deal with a murder of a sex worker that occurred years before. Patsy Bundy has had visions of ghosts down at the her childhood hangout on the swamp since she was six. Town legend has it Patsy is a witch, to the mortification of her town debutante mother. Her father has a shrimping business to consider, too. Patsy’s fierce defiance of her father’s conservative Southern values causes friction for everyone. She flees town after high school graduation to go to college in Boston.

Seven years later, the murderer, Archibald Parson, is up for parole, and Patsy pieces together his identity. She comes back to town to try and prevent his release, and navigates the complex relationship she has with her parents. Through the process, she must begin to understand her privilege through class and race relations. For all her wisdom, there is much she doesn’t know. Will her visions ultimately lead to the truth? Or will she naively trample through the family of the victim’s privacy?

When I started the book over two years ago, I knew that I would include this murder, that it would have paranormal elements, yet it really isn’t a murder mystery. It’s a story about family, feminism, friendship, and ultimately, love.

It is scheduled to be released by Black Rose Writing November 27th, 2019. Save the date!

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