So Much Happening!!!

I just finished my fourth novel about a month or so ago, and I’m working on the first round of revisions. CALL ME ELIZABETH LARK is about a woman who shows up at a grieving family’s inn, and drawn into a grieving mother’s desperation, takes on the identity of the family’s long missing daughter. Located in a rural town on the Oregon coast, the inn is legendary to tourists and locals alike. Finding herself caught in this dysfunctional family’s issues, Elizabeth brings along her own set of problems– namely, the abusive husband that kept her captive in a remote Washington cabin for years. Everyone has a secret, and all of them are dangerous. And Elizabeth’s arrival is the catalyst for it all to spill out. CALL ME ELIZABETH LARK is a novel about identity, the complexity of family, and a marriage that may buckle under a layer of secrets.

This one has a complicated plot and cast of characters, so I’ll be working on it for a while.

Meanwhile, I should be starting the process of developmental edits for THE WEAVER for Magnolia Press here soon, which is very exciting!

I recently wrote my first historical fiction piece, a short story, that I’ll start submitting to journals in the near future.

On top of all this writing, my family and I are moving in two weeks and I’m taking a full course load at BSU.

AND I will have a writing/ revising buddy here in two weeks. Oliver, our new Havanese puppy, is joining out family!


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